Solidarietà e auguri da Ken Loach

Pubblichiamo il messaggio del regista Ken Loach all’assemblea Per un nuovo movimento politico anticapitalista e libertario che si terrà sabato 11 maggio a Bologna.

Per un movimento politico anticapitalista e libertario

ken-loach1The attacks on working class people are happening across Europe. Mass unemployment, the reduction in welfare benefits, the lack of security in every aspect of life – all this demands a response. The old parties of the centre left are now compromised by their support for the austerity programme. Their idea of a compassionate capitalism that can be made to work in the interests of all is clearly a fraud. Predictably, when faced with this truth, they line up with the parties of the Right. We need to start again. We need new parties of the Left that understand and defend the interests of ordinary people. We need to unite in this project across Europe. We can only succeed if we make a reality of the ‘Internationale’!

With good wishes and solidarity,

Ken Loach

Gli attacchi alla classe operaia si stanno succedendo in tutta Europa. La disoccupazione di massa, la…

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